About Us

Welcome to Nerds and Stuff! We play tabletop RPGs and paint miniatures.

Hosted by Martin Baker with Daniel Peterson and Sterling Chandler, Nerds and Stuff is dedicated to creating unique RPG storytelling content. We pride ourselves in teaching most every game as well as running a strong story or character driven narrative complimented quite often with ridiculous humor. We use rules as a foundation and then quickly do what's best for the story in our RPG content so if you're looking for amazing stories, look no further. With that being said please be aware that RPG content features adult language/content but not excessive. Enjoy!
When it comes to painting miniatures, Daniel (Dataliss) has got you covered! He posts tutorials, techniques and full paints, complete with commentary to help raise your painting to the next level!

         Daniel, Sterling and Martin. Primary knuckleheads of Nerds and Stuff.

         Daniel, Sterling and Martin. Primary knuckleheads of Nerds and Stuff.


- What our fans have to say about us -

By far the best quality, most informative, and most entertaining EoE series I’ve seen on YouTube 😛 Exactly what I’ve been looking for!
— DeSadem - Legacy of Ash Ep 0 Pt 1
You did a really great job explaining the setup at the beginning — I may be referring my future players to this video for an explanation on mechanics.
— diewalkyrja - Boomtown, USA Part 1
This video is a great demonstration of basic painting techniques. Seeing the entire process, as opposed to a smattering of videos on various techniques, has been incredibly helpful. Thanks for the great work
— DJ Stucky - Imperial Assault Alliance Smuggler