Join us in our second session of Legacy of Ash where our heroes find themselves aboard the Death Star after the destruction of Alderaan. A brave mutineer comes to terms with the crimes of the Empire and resorts to drastic action to begin his escape....

Star Wars Legacy of Ash - Ep 0.1

Join us in our first session of Legacy of Ash, a Star Wars RPG - Edge of the Empire Campaign, where a group of smugglers find themselves on Alderaan under darkening skies while in search of a rebel agent with information leading to a mysterious and powerful weapon….

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Welcome to our next great adventure in storytelling entertainment! Whether you've been with us on the YouTube channel from the very start or just joining us now in your earballs for the very first time, we're glad to have you along for the ride. The TLDR is we've been creating RPG campaigns and one shots for a year+ and our amazing fans and patrons helped us hit our first goal on Patreon and that means website and podcasting!

Early on we'll be delivering the content that put us on the map and in time we'll be delivering all the goodness that we can here as well as our YouTube channel.

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